Product Technology Center

Werk Singen

Creating technological leadership

Innovation has been at the heart of our company since its beginning. Ever since Heinrich Nestlé invented Farine Lactée to alleviate infant mortality, we have been dedicated to enhance people’s lives.

Each day we strive to make our products tastier and healthier choices that help consumers care for themselves and their families. This would not be possible without our unmatched R&D capability, nutrition science and passion for quality in everything we do.

We have the largest R&D network of any food company in the world, with 34 R&D facilities (3 Science & Research centres and 31 Product Technology Centres and R&D centres worldwide), and over 5,000 people involved in R&D.

Behind every one of Nestlé’s products there is a team of scientists, engineers, nutritionists, designers, regulatory specialists and consumer care representatives dedicated to earn our consumers’ trust with safe products of the highest quality: at Nestlé, safety and quality are non-negotiable.

Whether it is in terms of convenience, health or pleasure, we are able and committed to create trustworthy products, systems and services that contribute to improving the quality of consumers’ lives.

Innovation at Nestlé Product Technology Centre Singen

Within Nestlé’s worldwide research and development network, Nestlé Product Technology Centre Singen is responsible for the innovation and renovation of culinary products. PTC Singen is the home of food, bringing culinary art to a level that can be practised at home or used in a professional kitchen. Singen transforms science into technologies that deliver tasty and balanced meals with the highest freshness perception and convenience.

We provide the broad span of product-specific R&D and technical expertise from a single source required to develop cost-competitive and - as far as possible - protectable products. We create technological leadership for major product groups. We contribute to long-term growth by:

  • Product and process development
  • Industrialisation of new techniques
  • Technical support
  • Quality and safety

What makes us special

Our product groups do research all over the world, which means that we have to focus on the local needs of our markets with regard to cooking culture, taste, climatic conditions, hygiene and product requirements as well as legal aspects. Company language is English.

Who we are looking for

We do mainly look for graduates in: Food technology, engineering, packaging technology, process engineering, electrical engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, microbiology, nutritional science, sensory specialists, but also development chefs with international experience. Good English skills are a must, other languages are appreciated.